Tuesday, March 15, 2005


California welcomes stupid people. Those with the least intelligence seem to like that state. But slowly, people with brains have awoken and now are leaving the doomed state by the ocean. Yes, doomed. Geologists and earth scientists have been telling California residents for years that their state will succumb to an unimaginable earthquake some day, and the deaths and property damage will be recorded as the worst in human history.
Every California school student, from grade 1 to 12, should be given geology courses. These students should know what will happen to them and their properties. But California officials do not want people to leave, so students, who later become working-adults, are kept in the dark about the coming doom.
Some California residents whisper about the "big one" coming, but they treat the earthquake threat as a joke or a phantom to scare little kids, like a ghost. Thus, the stupid people continue to live in a California fantasy world, where the "ghost" is just that--talk to scare.
Watch cable news when the California rains or mud-slides occur. See how stupid these people are. Some actually say they have had their houses destroyed by mud or rain many times, and they continue to live in the exact same spot. That's stupid.
Many businesses have left California, because their CEOs have learned the truth. When the big quake comes, and it is coming, these businesses do not want their factories or buildings destroyed, along with computer files and other important information that stock-holders care about.
So, if you are stupid, come to California. It is the state of stupid people


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