Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Brian Lamb, CEO and founder of C-SPAN (cable satellite public affairs network), once boasted about his journalism background, and he gave his viewers the impression that "journalism" would be the back-bone of C-SPAN. At first, C-SPAN showed both sides of boring governmental issues. The network showed both sides of subjects, mostly dealing with Congress and issues it undertook. But now, the liberals have taken over C-SPAN.
The Profound Journalist would not care, except Brian Lamb often rudely questions callers and emailers, who tell him C-SPAN is biased toward the left. He has told these people many times: "What would it matter...?"
Lamb gloats and boasts about his networks, like C-SPAN II, where authors and their books are endlessly featured. Lamb once or twice featured nothing but black writers. Many of these authors rudely criticized President George Bush, his administration and white people. If white authors would say what these black authors have said, and still do, they would be called racists and banned from C-SPAN.
But Lamb does not see it that way. He will never have a week featuring "white authors." That would probably be racist to Lamb.
Black guests and authors have been allowed to say almost anything negative and disgusting about the current administration and white society on C-SPAN. But when a person calls and asks a legitimate question about Jews or Blacks, Lamb cuts them off, and says, "I know where that is going...." He lets black-liberals mouth-off. Lamb refuses to let others criticize blacks and various aspects of black culture.
Tape C-SPAN. Count how many liberal guests, authors, rallies, etc. are shown. Then count the times programs are shown that have conservatives or people who criticize liberals and blacks.
Lamb won't admit it, but his C-SPAN is liberal. The trouble for Lamb is that slowly people are seeing him for what he is: a person who claims to give both sides, but doesn't.
It won't be long before cable companies start getting complaints, and Lamb's C-SPAN goes to the Comedy Network, where employees can "pal" together and "sock-it-to" those who do not believe their philosophy.


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