Saturday, March 05, 2005


If you think you are too smart to be brainwashed, just remember what you ate for breakfast. You probably ate one or a combination or the following: milk, eggs, bread (toast, muffin, bagel, etc...), butter, bacon, ham, cereal, pancakes, syrup, jelly or some mixture of the previous, such as a Poptart. Why didn't you have a hamburger for breakfast? Why didn't you gobble-down that left-over meatloaf?
The reason is that you have been brainwashed into thinking that only certain foods can be eaten for breakfast. Who's behind the brainwashing? The pork, dairy, cereal and wheat industries, along with the U.S. government and various quasi-dietitians.
The Profound Journalist dares any dietitian, U.S. scientist or representative from the pork, dairy, cereal and wheat industry to prove that eating a hamburger with French Fries for breakfast is unhealthy and not as nutritious as having greasy bacon and slimy eggs. This, of course, excludes babies and children.
If you don't think there is a breakfast conspiracy, try ordering spaghetti at your favorite restaurant at 7 a.m. Chances are excellent that you won't get it. They will only serve what they feel you should eat for breakfast, which means you'll get what the breakfast conspiracy agents have so decreed for everyone. This conspiracy decree makes huge profits for the pork, dairy, cereal and wheat industries, along with various government agencies, that make billions by approving the quality of the above foods.
There is no scientific proof that states that having a fish sandwich, hamburger, cold sandwich, left-overs, or any other type of food, instead of what restaurants serve for breakfast, is less nutritious than what the conspiracy agents want you to eat.


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