Thursday, October 26, 2006


Madonna, whose photos of her giving oral sex on nude celebrity websites, adopted a black Malawian boy. She ignored helping poor, white children in the U.S., because she is racist and anti-American. She doesn't live in the U.S., which she has criticized, often.
Before Madonna became "big," she and her friends would drive around the streets of New York, pick-up black and Latino guys, then have sex with them. She's proud of this--watch one of her "sexy" tell-all movies. You can see Madonna having sex and doing other sexual acts on "nude" celebrity websites.
The point is that the black African boy, David Banda, will one-day know that his mother was a slut, which she is proud of being. Madonna has no problem acting like a whore in her shows, one of which she sings while tied to a cross, obviously mocking the Christian religion.
Madonna got angry that people questioned her adoption selection, so she went to TV's biggest and richest air-head--Oprah--to explain her racist selection. Hell, if you are rich, why not get a kid just like you select a dog--go to a pound and pick one out.
Madonna' husband, director Guy Ritchie, must be the dumbest man on this planet. He has a slut for a wife, who selects children like animals at a pound, and she adopts kids of another race.
How are you going to explain to your kids, Ritchie, that their mother is a sex fiend and immoral? Oh, that's right, you can't, because you are dumb.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The snuff-film showing U.S. soldiers in Iraq being victims of video-recorded snipers, then shown on CNN, should wake-up the Justice Department. It is time to arrest, and if necessary execute, those in the news media who are helping the enemies of the U.S. The Bush administration is afraid take action against the news media, and TPJ does not understand this. Mr. Bush should know that 99 percent of the news media are against his administration and the war in Iraq, and these news-outlets are doing everything to make America lose the struggle against terrorism.
Members of the news media: 1. Don't believe there is a threat against America and that the U.S. is at war. 2. Will help enemies of the U.S., if that help makes the Bush Administration look bad and hated. 3. Cheer ever day a U.S. soldier is killed in Iraq, because it gives their news organization something to work-with to discredit Mr. Bush. 4. Have political connections to assure that negative news about Republicans leak-out.
It is time to arrest Wolfe Blitzer and his anti-American crew at CNN. It is time to arrest the publisher, editors and reporters at The New York Times for leaking classified information that damaged the U.S. war efforts against terrorism. It is time to make the FCC revoke the broadcast licenses of ABC, CBS and NBC for aiding and abetting the enemy and leaking classified information.
All enemies know that they can learn how to attack and destroy the U.S. simply by watching CNN or reading The New York Times. The Bush Administration should stop the enemies within this country; it should start arresting traitors who work for the news media--before it is too late.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


The Liberals running CNN knew they couldn't keep broadcasting their anti-Bush, anti-USA news propaganda long before viewers discovered this deception, so CNN, with the help of their 'big brother,' Turner Broadcasting, slyly slipped all the biased news and comments that they couldn't broadcast into their sister network's programming, and thus; CourtTV viewers see the world how CNN and Liberals see it.
CourtTV is part of Turner Broadcasting. Here, on CourtTV, you get half-hour news updates, usually read by minorities, who 99 percent of time, blast President Bush, Republicans or those who oppose Liberal ideas.
You can count on "CNN Guests" to appear on CourtTV, most of whom have Liberal agendas to spew-forth in their latest books, which CourtTV gladly advertises. The ACLU is venerated by CourtTV, which gave that Liberal lawyer-organization its own program on its network.
Demented Liberal Catherine Crier, who screams anti-Bush, anti-Republican, anti-war diatribes on her own CourtTV show, also glorifies CNN, the ACLU, Democrats and any Liberal agenda.
Since lawyers, about 90 percent nation-wide, support Democrats in elections, it should come as no surprise that Liberal CNN has co-opted CourtTV to get that party's Liberal message out--and what better place than a network that is run-by, and whose guests and hosts are--lawyers.
You should know that U.S. high schools use CNN as a "Cable In The Classroom" service, which is suppose to teach students about the world and the U.S.A. High School students are being brainwashed by Liberal CNN. And you can bet your last dollar that many of these classrooms show CourtTV programs, so students can learn about the legal system.
This answers the puzzling question on why there are so many Liberals in college.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


TPJ has always stated that liberals are literally stupid human beings, and MSNBC's Keith Olbermann is proving this fact.
Olbermann, once a two-bit sports announcer picked-up by MSNBC, had the gall and stupidity to call President Bush's recent speech on terrorism, "Un-American." Intelligent people, which would exclude exec-types at NBC and MSNBC, know graying Keith does not have the smarts to finish a cross-word puzzle, let alone give biased, traitorous comments and lectures on MSNBC about U.S. Government policies and Bush administration tactics on fighting terrorism.
Word of advice to you suit-wearers at NBC and MSNBC--better hire body guards for graying Olbermann. The word out here in reality-land is that the former California native and former sports announcer will not be living a "healthy life."
Readers should access some of Olbermann's "speeches" made on MSNBC. They will discover what a fool and idiot this MSNBC employee actually is.
MSNBC is a left-wing, liberal, news-network. This means there are very stupid people running MSNBC.
The current odds on Olbermann living another 3 years are not good. Some in Las Vegas say they won't take the bet, because graying Keith does not have a future.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Washington County Commissioner Diana L. Irey is clobbering traitor-coward John Murtha in the Pennsylvania 12th District Representative race. The first woman to be elected a Washington County commissioner, Irey has been successful in obtaining support and contributions nation-wide to help her defeat Murtha.
Many in the U.S. military are making donations to Irey at, because they feel betrayed by Murtha, who has called Iraq U.S. forces "cold bloodied" killers, and has made anti-American remarks.
Irey's political forces have made it known that donations are flooding-in to the commissioner's fund-bucket, and these donations are not just from Republicans and Iraq-war supporters. People are helping Irey defeat Murtha, because many feel the obese Representative has gone over the line with his cut-and-run policies and his insane, anti-American comments about U.S. fighting forces in Iraq.
Murtha had his goon-squads investigate Irey, she recently said, and TPJ would not be surprised to learn that Murtha forces are doing many illegal activities to beat Irey.
Those who want a traitor out of the U.S. Congress will be supporting Irey, and the odds are in her favor at this moment.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Liberal Democrats are like two people sitting on an unstable box of dynamite, smoking cigars and throwing lit firecrackers around the box, while people are telling them that they are nuts, because they could "blow-up real good."
President Bush, Republicans, many U.S. citizens and some Democrats are warning the Liberals, which includes most of the news media, that they better understand the dangers of terrorism, because if they don't, the whole world will "blow-up real good."
But Liberals and fools of the news media think that Mr. Bush is making-up all the terrorist threats for political points. That is how stupid these people are; Liberals are literally stupid human beings.
The day will come, probably sooner than latter, when the Hollywood whore crowd; the elite of the news media; Liberal leaders; and dumb voters will realize that Mr. Bush was trying to protect their worthless asses and this country from Big-Time crazy people, who would gladly commit suicide, if they could kill thousands of Americans while doing so.
Maybe 20 years from now, people will study U.S. history and ask themselves how Liberals could be so idiotic to appease terrorists, while risking 300 million lives, which is this country's population. These people 20 years from now will condemn The New York Times; The Washington Post; the network and cable news networks, and PBS. If this country still exists.
Liberals are risking everybody's lives, and this country's freedom, because they hate George W. Bush. And the terrorists are loving it.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Sunday, August 13, 2006


Liberals are literally stupid human beings, and the most foolish of these are those who own, publish and write for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Readers of that liberal rag expect foolishness and stupidity to blare from its pages. But now, the PPG has become the enemy by glorifying traitor-coward Rep. John Murtha in its pages.
Remember the following names, because these are the traitors of Pennsylvania, who have U.S. soldiers' blood on their hands, and who have endangered our lives.
These are the people who are helping the enemies of the United States of America. These people are the slime of society, who are risking your lives, by helping the enemy. These are the intellectual Pee Wee Hermans, who are responsible for U.S. solders' lives being lost in Iraq, by helping the enemy:
U.S. Rep. John Murtha. PPG Publisher and Editor-in Chief, John Robinson Block. PPG Chairman, Allan Block. PPG Executive Editor and V.P., David M. Shribman. PPG Managing Editor, Susan L. Smith. PPG Editorial Page Editor, Tom Waseleski. PPG Deputy Managing Editor, Mary C. Leonard. PPG President, David M. Beihoff, and Vice President and General Manager, Diana Block.
Every one of the above are traitors, TPJ believes. Everyone of these despicable human beings do not give a shit about the safety of this country--they only care that Democrats win the coming elections.
Only fools think like that. Instead of helping the current president help fight terrorists and terrorism, these worthless pieces of crap have, and will continue to, do everything possible to stop his attack on our enemies.
These suit-wearing, peace-fags have, and will continue to, print anti-American articles read and used for propaganda by our enemies, and they will continue to quote coward Murtha's traitorous babblings about our soldiers.
TPJ only hopes, no--prays--that when the next terrorist-attacks come, they hit the PPG building, while obese Rep. Murtha is in there, chasing some of the Post-Gazette's fat, ugly, female writers, like traitor-columnist Sally Kalson.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Billionaire news-media mogul Richard Mellon Scaife, the traitor-lover, is said to be ill, TPJ sources disclosed recently. These sources have had access to some of Scaife's medical records, and they told TPJ Scaife is "ill."
The sources would not say if Scaife was physically ill or mentally ill, but people who know Scaife's past don't have to guess--he is a traitor-lover, which makes him mentally unstable.
Scaife's buddy, traitor-coward U.S. Rep. John Murtha, is in hot water, because he is being exposed by some in the press for what he is, and a former Marine is suing the fat congressman for calling him a "cold blooded killer." This suit concerns the allegations about "innocent Iraqi victims," allegedly shot by U.S. Marines.
Patriotic Americans should pray that Scaife does not get well, soon. Voodoo Dolls are on sell, if some would like to partake.
Newspapers do not need traitor-lovers for publishers. Newspapers do not need rich punks, like Scaife, who have never worked a day in their lives, determining the news, when they can not determine if they should sell stocks one day, or take the red-limo to the office.
Scaife is a man-child, determined to show people how important he is, when in reality, everyone knows he is a worthless piece of wet bird-shit.
Once, Scaife had an argument with someone associated with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and being the spoiled man-child that he is, Scaife banned all his newspapers from ever running a Pirates-story on their front pages again.
What a punk.
Now, Scaife is forcing his newspapers to publish flattering, pumped-up good stories about fat, traitor Murtha.
Let's hope Scaife "has the big one" and meets Satan, who he would admire.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


In the days of the Roman army, the enemy knew its chances of survival were slim to none. That's because Roman soldiers kicked ass. Roman senators left the fighting to generals, and that is why the Roman army won most of its battles.
The U.S. is losing the war with terrorists, because fat, suit-wearing politicians are interfering with those who know how to kick ass, but are not allowed, due to elected idiots and traitors, like Rep. John Murtha.
All roads once led to Rome. One day there were 6,000 prisoners nailed to crosses on either side of one of those roads. This was done to show all enemies of Rome, and all those who traveled to Rome, that people who wanted to kill Romans, were they themselves viciously killed.
No one was allowed to help the 6,000. They were left on crosses to die. No one was allowed to bury any of them. Their bodies were left to rot in the wind, whose breezes eventually blew their dust away from the crosses.
The U.S. now needs military leaders like the Roman generals. The U.S. should punish traitors like Murtha, and arrest those who help the enemy, like reporters, editors and the publisher of The New York Times.
It would be grand to travel along a highway to Washington D.C. and see terrorists nailed to crosses along both sides of the road. It would be wonderful to also see traitors like fat Rep. John Murtha; billionaire traitor-lover Richard Mellon Scaife, and the scummy people of TNYT also nailed on crosses with people of their own kind.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Keith Olbermann, who "works" for MSNBC, is one of the worst people chosen to read news and bring news to a TV audience. This shows you the mentality of the big-shots running MSNBC.
Olbermann, a washed-up sports announcer, was picked by the MSNBC-brass to bring you the news. Olbermann, an air-head from California, (aren't they all?), actually thinks that he is someone respectable and worthy enough to bring you important, serious news.
Former sports-copy-reader Olbermann has made many enemies, since babbling on MSNBC, including important, serious people, who would not mind if the talking-head was found dead.
In the ratings-world, Olbermann and MSNBC aren't worth the newspaper-ink that prints their miserable numbers. However, the looney-lefties love the washed-up sports announcer, and that is why MSNBC keeps him.
Olbermann's hair was black when he started his "TV bullcrap" a few years ago. Look at the sports announcer, now. His hair is turning gray. Will it soon fall out, or has it already? Does Olbermann wear a wig?
Why is Olbermann turning gray? Maybe, because he has insulted very important people, who would like to see him crippled or dead. Maybe, because he thinks he is immortal and more intelligent than the rest of us, and this feeling of power makes him worry a bit too much, thus causing his graying streaks.
Watch Olbermann and MSNBC grow gray--and broke. Watch Olbermann grow old in front of your eyes. If you're lucky, you might catch him having a heart-attack on MSNBC, and that would improve ratings.

Friday, July 14, 2006


The Profound Journalist told you during June that The New York Times' reporters, Eric Lichtblau and James Risen, plus executive editor, Bill Keller, were dead men, walking.
Keller went on the liberal news outlets, proclaiming that his newspaper was patriotic and doing good by exposing secret information, which is endangering every U.S. citizen.
Now, The Times received white powder in a letter, which was discovered in the mail room, and that shook-up everyone. People at the Times can expect worse, according to sources, who have contacted TPJ.
You don't need sources to know that there are millions of angry citizens pissed-off at the NYT and other liberal news organizations, that seem to do everything possible to help the enemy of the United States.
This Blog will now make another announcement. Keller, Risen, Lichtblau, plus many columnists at The Times, better hire body-guards for themselves and their families; check their vehicles; inspect their food; have their mail screened; watch where they walk in public, and wear acid-proof, face-protectors in crowds.
In the "underground," the word is that bounties are out for NYT editors, reporters and writers.
If anyone who reads this knows people at The Times, show them this. It is not a joke.
There are people walking New York City streets and working at The New York Times, waiting to "get" the above mentioned.
Literally, there are groups of people, praying to get at Keller and his "kind," which is, according to these people's thinking, traitors, who are helping the enemy.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


If the Democrats win the House and Senate, plus sneak-in a President, you can expect the following:
1. Taxes will shoot up. Federal, state and local taxes will rise, and most will be used to fund Gore-Stuff, which is Global Warming and environmental issues. Taxes will help pay for about between 15 to 30 million illegal aliens' bills, which will include health, schooling and welfare. Taxes will rise on tobacco, if it is not outlawed; gun ownership; hunting activities and licenses; gasoline, to help pay for Gore-Stuff; the ownership of gas-guzzling vehicles; plus, on various racial, social and political elements, which can be logically deduced.
2. Terrorists will be given more freedom to attack the U.S. With the help of the liberal news media, such as The New York Times, terrorists will know many secrets that were kept during the Bush Administration, thus, endangering all. Democrats will care more about how the world sees the U.S., than protecting it from terrorists. Fat U.S. Rep. John Murtha will become a poster-boy for this new era. Traitors, who fled to Canada to protest "Bush's War," will be welcomed back to their country. Terrorism will increase in the U.S., due to funding cuts, which will be used for Gore-Stuff.
3. Billions of dollars will be paid to Black Americans, because Democrats want them compensated for Slavery. Every black man, woman and child of African descent will be given at least $1 million. Whites of America will have money taken from their paychecks to fund this liberal law, which Congress and the President will make possible.
4. All oil-drilling will be curbed or stopped, and research money will be used to develop "clean" fuels. Gas-burning vehicles will be banned, and mandatory battery-driven cars will be forced on all.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Editor & Publisher is a liberal rag, and most people don't give a crap about this on-line or hard-copy magazine publication. But if you want proof that the news media is liberal, read E & P.
Why? This liberal-rag is the "bible" of journalism schools. Journalism students are "urged" to read it. Newspaper editors and reporters love to glance at the latest liberal paragraphs, written by some of America's most biased writers.
In E & P, President Bush is Evil. Al Gore is good. Ann Coulter is Evil. But Arianna Huffington, the California air-head, who can't speak proper English, but writes liberal propaganda, is good.
Read E & P, and you will learn the tricks of a liberal press. Read its columns, and you will understand why The New York Times is doing this country a favor by exposing secrets that protect you from terrorists. Read how traitor-coward Rep. John Murtha is a hero, and his background should not be investigated. Read how your military soldiers fighting in Iraq are murderers and rapists, and this should be made known to the public, even before its proven.
Those responsible for this liberal crap are Greg Mitchell, editor; Sid Holt, editor-in-chief; and Shawn Moynihan, managing editor.
This publication is so sleazy, that its writers can't even write a lead sentence, something that all journalism students learn. This publication is so sleazy, that its byline is: E & P Staff. This is so you won't know who wrote that particular piece of propaganda.
If this Bible Of Journalism is such, why are Republicans, President Bush, and any circumstances about them, always negative? Haven't they ever done good?
Read past issues, and you will be shocked if you see any positive articles written about Republicans or the Bush Administration.
But liberals and Democrats always get, and have gotten, good press from E & P. Wonder why?
Don't read this rag. Don't advertise in it, and don't believe any information that comes from it.
Mad Magazine has better writers than Editor & Publisher. At least they let you know that they are lying about what they are writing.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) had brain surgery some years ago, and since then, he has been acting insane, politically. Republicans reluctantly helped Nut-Man Specter win his last election, and now the Crazy-Senator From PA is repaying them by attacking his President with outlandish comments, like Mr. Bush is abusing executive powers.
Of course, air-head, liberal reporters, like Associated Press' Laurie Kellman, write about imagined crimes Mr. Bush allegedly committed, and the AP splatters these negative Left-Wing, propaganda articles to the world, thanks with help from Looney Specter.
Instead of helping his party, Specter has done everything possible to ruin it. The Republicans need to immediately crack-the-whip to this idiot of a senator. They need to kick-him-out of the Republican party, now, before he does more harm.
One way this can be done is to have Specter get a mental evaluation. You don't have to be a doctor to know Specter is nuts. When that evaluation is proven, kick the Looney-Tune out of Congress, so he can chase butterflies for the rest of his miserable life.
If the Republicans don't cage Specter soon, Specter will destroy the Republicans.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


The New York Times' reporters Eric Lichtblau and James Risen; plus, Executive Editor Bill Keller will have to constantly look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives, which probably won't be much longer, if you believe the "chatter" that is buzzing through the "underground."
Because their newspaper twice published secret information that was used to help fight terrorists and terrorism, even when asked by their government not to, these three have become "targets" for those who "love the USA," according to the "chatter."
They are "dead men, walking," says one source.
This person told TPJ that rewards are being offered for the heads of the three New York Times employees. $50,000 for Keller's head placed on a flag pole, and about $30,000 for each head of reporters Lichtblau and Risen, whose decapitated skulls must be placed in bowling bags and thrown in front of their newspaper's building.
It's not right-wing nuts "wanting them dead," either, the source said. There are a few people who work at The New York Times, who have "plans" for their bosses, the source said.
It will be expensive to hire body-guards for the rest of these people's lives. If they think people will forget over time that they have endangered the population of the United States; they have aided the enemy; and they have stopped secret "tools" used to fight terrorism--they better think again.
One source said that the only place these three will be safe is the Space Shuttle. Many people are planning "private" surprises for these three, a source said, adding, none of them better walk along the streets alone.
Some Las Vegas odds-makers are "guessing" these three have about a 30 to 1 chance of living 5 more years.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The real reason U.S. Rep. John Murtha is acting like a traitor, by calling U.S. troops murderers and speaking about surrendering in Iraq, is to divert attention to his "homosexual leanings," an unidentified, gay source, who lives in Washington D.C., told TPJ by letter.
Some in the news media have seen Murtha with "male companions" during many of his official trips, the source wrote, but these reporters refuse to "out" Murtha, because they belief in gay-rights, and their publications are against President George Bush and the Iraq conflict. Outing Murtha would drown-out his "message," which some in the news media want "heard," the source wrote.
Any reporter who wants to prove Murtha might be gay can interview bar-patrons, who drink at "fancy" gay-bars and taverns in the Georgetown section of Washington D.C., the source wrote.
The source also wrote that reporters from CNN, ABC New, CBS News, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, and local D.C. newspapers know about Murtha's alleged homosexual leanings.
This source wrote that he/she might release the names of Murtha's alleged companions in the near future.
Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


You make C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb rich, everytime you pay your cable bill. How Lamb got this seemingly-illegal sweet deal is unknown, but if you are anti-Republican and anti-George W. Bush, you don't mind. If you support the President, the Iraq conflict and the war on terrorism, you are out of luck. You are making Lamb rich with your cable-bill, while he lets C-SPAN guests and programs bash Bush, the Republicans, and the war on terror.
Lamb was up to his usual biased broadcasting the Friday after President Bush secretly went to Iraq. He had two guests to talk about the trip--Richard Wolffe, Newsweek Senior White House Correspondent and Associated Press Staff Photographer, Pablo Martinez Monsivais. Newsweek, as you should know,is a Liberal, anti-Bush publication, and the AP is known as a biased, anti-Bush, anti-Iraq war news organization.
Lamb cut-off all calls criticizing the media guests, and, of course, let phone calls that bashed Bush go through. Lamb has been doing this since he has gotten wealthy off your cable-bill. If you're rich, you associate with rich, Liberals, and those "people" influence your work. So, Lamb went "Hollywood," and started the Bush bashing and censoring of pro-Administration calls on C-SPAN.
C-SPAN has become a Liberal, anti-Bush, soap-box, paid for with your cable-bill money. This is good, if you hate Bush. But it is bad, if you support the President and his Administration.
One of two things must happen:
1. The IRS, Congress and the FBI must investigate Brian Lamb and C-SPAN. How Lamb is freely allowed to take your cable-bill money to make himself rich and broadcast biased, political programming must be investigated.
2. Brian Lamb needs a good ass-kicking to wake him up. He's gotten so rich from your cable-bills, that he thinks he is above the law, since he shows Congress making laws. Maybe if someone gave Lamb a few knocks to his bald, graying head, he might realize what he is doing. But, maybe, he does not care.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Traitor-coward U.S. Rep. John Murtha and his billionaire news-media mogul buddy, Richard Mellon Scaife, keep helping our enemy--radical, militant Islamic terrorists, and they don't seem to give a damn. Scaife, a punk with money who publishes many newspapers that glorify traitor-coward Murtha, is responsible for making available anti-U.S. propaganda, spewed-forth by the fat Congressman from Pennsylvania.
Scaife is not as much as a traitor as Murtha. He is anti-Iraq war because of money. He is a money-pig--the war costs too much for him. That's cash that should be going to him, he probably thinks, if he can do logical thinking, at all. But no matter, these two slime-bags are partly responsible for the untold deaths of U.S. soldiers, because of their anti-war propaganda. These two, along with the Associated Press, have given the internet-savy radical Islamics billions of bits worth of anti-American fodder, which is used by our enemy.
Murtha and Scaife don't care about the enemy. Scaife is interested in money; fat Murtha is interested in politics and power. Both should be tried and shot for helping the enemy, but their Liberal friends will prevent that.
Republicans should take Scaife's membership card and kick him into the cold world of traitors and Liberals, where he belongs. But Scaife does not care. He will keep pubishing positive AP articles about fat Murtha on the front pages of his Leader Times, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Greensburg Tribune-Review.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Remember when CNN gave the Rev. Jesse Jackson his own show, "Both Sides With Jesse Jackson," and President Bill Clinton was in office? Of course, only Jackson's liberal, racist side was featured on the show, but CNN did not mind that Jackson was going-into the White House to give the president "Spiritual Advisement."
Conflict of interest? Not to liberal CNN. CNN literally twisted the news, so viewers got the impression that Clinton was a great president. Protesters of Clinton were seldom seen on CNN, but when President George W. Bush got in office, all CNN did, and still does, is show protesters of Bush's policies.
Like CNN, The New York Times, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and PBS have become liberal soap boxes used to dispense liberal thoughts and ideas. If these "journalistic news outlets" want to continue to bash the U.S., President Bush, the Republicans and literally publish national security secrets that put us all at risk, then these outlets should fall under Lobbying Rules and Laws that lobbyists must follow.
It can be proved that the above news organizations have done everything possible to lobby for the Democrats and their liberal friends. It can be proved that the above outlets have done everything possible to discredit Republicans and the Bush Administration. It can be proved that the above news outlets have employees, who are mostly Democrats and Liberals. It can be proved that at least 80 percent of news media employees are Democrats and Liberals.
So, if CNN, The New York Times and the others want to lobby for Democrats and Liberals, these news organizations should adhere to strict lobbying rules, such as disclose of all financial records, publishing names of all politically connected people who work for these outlets, and their financial relationship with these news organizations.
There are many rules Lobbyists must follow, or face fines and jail. It is time to make liberal news media outlets register as lobbyists, and make them adhere to the rules of lobbying.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The word is that when John Murtha loses the next election, he will be a common citizen, who will be vulnerable to violence, just like everyone else who is not elected and becomes a traitor to his country, like fat Murtha.
Veteran groups across the country are waiting, like vultures watching a dog slowly die in the desert. Numerous vets are anticipating literally beating the shit out of Murtha, as he walks among the people, who he betrayed.
Murtha got a big mouth, now. With the help of his traitorous friends at ABC, CNN, CBS and Richard Mellon Scaife, the newspaper mogul, Murtha's anti-American, pro-enemy babbling is spread across the U.S. But the day will come when fat Murtha walks among us, and the vets will remember his words. Murtha will lose the next election, and the angry veterans who he belittled will wait, silently.
We will see if the liberal news media will call Murtha a Marine war hero, after the obese bastard gets his fat ass kicked a couple of time--in public.
But cowards hide, as will Murtha, when he loses. He will slink away, like the snake that he is. He will probably get drunk with Ted Kennedy, and the two can drunkenly discuss more traitorous plans to harm the U.S. military and its war on terror.
Sleep tight, fat Murtha. For soon, you will not be able to sleep. The heroes of this country are waiting for you. Don't make them wait too long, traitor.

Monday, May 01, 2006


If you believe poll results, you are stupid, do not understand math or work for a polling agency. The news media count on you being either stupid or not-too-quick at math.
Anyone who believes that asking 500 to 1,250 people, the usual amount asked in all polls, accurately reflects 300 million people's opinion is stupid. There are about 300 million people in the U.S. Asking a tiny percentage can not, does not, reflect all those people's opinion.
News media organizations like CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS, constantly lie to you, when they report that a percentage "of the American people" believe or do not believe something. In order for that to be correct, these organizations, who usually have some connection to a polling agency, would have had to question about 300 million people.
The truth is that when they report a poll, news organizations do not tell you the number of people polled, nor do they tell you how the poll was conducted, and who was asked questions. They lie, because they know the public is dumb when it comes to math.
Even a 6th grader will know that polling 500 people does not reflect 300 million people's opinion. The results from asking 500 to 1,250 people can't even come close to reflecting the opinions of just 1 million polled subjects.
These polling organizations like to say that the results and polling was done in a scientific manner. This is another lie.
To be "scientific," the results must be the same each time it is done. There are republican polling agencies and there are democratic polling agencies, and each one gets different answers or conclusions.
Polling is un-scientific. It is not accurate. It is a means to distort facts and to perpetuate propaganda.
If you believe in polling and its results, you're STUPID.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


The Profound Journalist does not know if the following items are true, but sources who contacted TPJ seemed knowledgeable and truthful.
CNN HELPING TERRORISTS: Sources said CNN correspondents have paid "civilians" for news tips in various countries, including Iraq. This money, paid in U.S. currency, was, and continues to be, used to buy weapons, which are used against the U.S. military.
OLBERMANN'S SECRET LIFE: A group of people who dislike MSNBC's Keith Olbermann are frustrated that the news media have not yet learned about Olbermann's "secret life." A spokesperson for the group said if the press does not expose Olbermann, this group will do anything "illegal and legal" to "show people the true Olbermann." The spokesperson did not give details about Olbermann's "secret life."
NEW YORK TIMES SUSPECTED: Sources said a "sub-contracted surveillance group" has been keeping secret tabs on editors and co-editors of The New York Times. These sources said a few editors are suspected of helping terrorists who are opposed to Israel and that country's policies. These sources did not identify the surveillance group and did not say if the group was associated with the FBI.
SEX AT C-SPAN: One source said inter-racial sex has been occurring in various buildings on properties owned by C-SPAN. Congressional staffers, C-SPAN employees, authors featured on C-SPAN, and some Congresspeople are allegedly involved. The source specifically mentioned "inter-racial sex," because this "type" of sex is what those involved "crave." The source said the sex acts are known about by many influential people associated with C-SPAN.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Mary McCarthy, a Kerry and Clinton supporter, was fired from the CIA, after she admitted leaking classified information about secret CIA prisons to Washington Post reporter Dana Priest, who won a Pulitzer Prize for the story.
Washington Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr., who had to know about the leak,and who published the story, along with McCarthy, who broke her CIA oath and the law by leaking the information, should both be shot, publicly.
Who knows how many deaths were caused by these traitors? Many secret plans had to be changed; well-placed CIA operatives had to be removed; and, potential information that could have saved lives was lost, all because of McCarthy, Downie and Priest.
And they did not betray the U.S. for some noble cause. They became traitors, they have endangered 300 million lives, all because they don't like President Bush.
It is one thing to report and publish stories that should be told, and it is another thing to risk U.S. military and civilian lives, all because of politics.
It is time to start prosecuting these traitors who work in the news media. It is time to start publicly shooting or hanging them, so people can see what Americans think of traitors.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


This decade's new Hitler, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wants war. He is insane, and he will not stop his country's nuclear programs, which will lead to Islamic nuclear bombs. This Iranian nut-case is ignoring U.N. rules concerning countries with nuclear technology.
The Iranian President said he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map. He is daring the U.S. to strike his nuclear plants. He said waves of volunteers on martyrdom missions will attack U.S. and British interests all around the world, if his country is attacked.
Remember what happened before World War II? People sat-back and ignored Hitler's ranting about wiping Jews off the face of the map. People ignored Hitler's military machine being built and expanded. Peace-nicks and religious-freaks ignored Jews being murdered and war-clouds growing, all because they felt "talking" and "meeting of the minds" would stop Hitler.
Now you see pundits on TV, most of whom are Liberals, saying a nuclear attack against Iran would not work, because that country's bomb-making equipment is hidden underground, and an attack would make Iran use its oil as a weapon. This is stupid bull-crap. This is hippie-nonsense thinking.
If the U.S. dropped three nuclear bombs, three big nuclear bombs on suspected Iranian underground nuclear plants, the aftermath would shock Iran and its military into surrendering. Three bombs would devastated everything that is needed to run the military. Gas and oil production would stop. Millions would die. Millions would slowly die. Millions would get sick.
Those surviving would not be able to eat food or water, since it would be contaminated. Tools, weapons, machinery, etc., would be useless, because of radiation damage. To put it simply, three bombs would make Iran look like hell warmed-over.
If, for some reason, the U.S. suspects more enemy activity, three more bombs could be dropped, and that would be it for Iran and its insane President.
If we don't nuke Iran now, that country will nuke Israel or the U.S. soon.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Brian Lamb, C-SPAN founder, is a sly propagandist, maybe even better than CNN and ABC News. Lamb has baffled many high-and-powerful people into thinking C-SPAN is good for the U.S.
If C-SPAN would have just covered live sessions of Congress, as it did when it first started, things would be acceptable. But Lamb has turned "Left." He has gone even further than Left; he has gone into the "unknown" of propaganda.
"Who cares?" you say. "Turn the channel," you mutter.
The Profound Journalist cares, as should all cable-subscribers, because a portion of their cable-bill goes to fund C-SPAN. That's right, Brian Lamb has been sucking-up your money, your cable-bill money, to broadcast Liberal propaganda. If Lamb took DNC money, that would be OK, but he is slyly taking Conservative and other anti-Liberal groups' cable-money for his own use.
Black authors, who slam republicans, white people and President Bush, are often shown on C-SPAN. They get a whole week, and Lamb is more than happy to allow them to say any racist thing possible, with no one there to contradict statements.
Guests at C-SPAN's "round-table" have been, and will continue to be, Liberals and Liberal news-people.
"Call and complain on-air," you grumble.
Lamb makes sure his "phone crews" know how to screen calls. In other words, if a screener "senses" an anti-Liberal or anti-Democrat or anti-Black or anti-minority or anti-anything that C-SPAN does not like, that screener cuts the call.
Ask Lamb the number, or ratio, of Liberal guests, which includes most of the news media, to the number, or ratio, of conservative guests on C-SPAN. He won't tell you. He can do a simple "Google-type" search of his past programs and get that information, but he won't. He doesn't want you to know he is spending your cable-bill money on causes he likes, but you might not.
Brian Lamb and C-SPAN should be investigated by the IRS. But that won't happen. Lamb avoids this problem by having IRS people on his shows. "Isn't C-SPAN great?" IRS people giggle, because they were on TV. When Lamb has a problem, he just makes a person who represents that problem a TV-Star, and the problem is fixed.
How rich is Lamb? How much of his money is from your cable bill? You will never know, because Brian Lamb is a sly propagandist.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Many members of the press knew that President John F. Kennedy was cheating on his wife and children, and they knew who these woman were and how many of them were secretly escorted into the White House. If you don't think there is a liberal press, try learning about these women. You won't, because many publishers, reporters and editors won't tell.
Try learning about traitor Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha's war record. There are many unanswered questions about his tour-of-duty and medals. But you won't learn the facts about his past, because the liberal press wants Murtha "pure," so they can use his quotes to attack President George Bush.
Where are the journalists who should investigate the many women who were secretly escorted into the White House, so President Bill Clinton could have sex with them? You won't learn about them, because the liberal press loves "Bill." Even C-SPAN's founder, Brian Lamb, knows about these women. Once, a caller told the audience that there was a Christmas party in the White House, and three women and one "elected official" were in the bathroom for a long time. Lamb and his "journalist" guest never asked the name of that official, and they quickly changed the subject. If you haven't noticed, C-SPAN has turned into a "Liberal Wasteland," which means the LIBS love to waste their time watching that channel.
Where are the journalists to investigate and expose the alcohol and drug-users, who work for "esteemed" publications, like The New York Times, Editor & Publisher, The Washington Post, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, TIME, Newsweek and the Greensburg and Pittsburgh Tribune Review? A first-year journalism major could write an excellent article about this; plus, include the reporters' criminal records. But don't expect any "established reporters" to do this; they don't want to expose what happens at those office parties.
If you expect to read about the hellish crimes being committed against white women by blacks--in schools and in public--forget it. The liberal news media is biased and racist--only white people commit "hate crimes," they believe. Any true journalist will find thousands of discrimination stories in cities where blacks are a majority, discrimination against whites in housing, labor markets and voting booths. Don't expect to read about whites being the victims of crimes done by blacks.
Wanted: True Journalists.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


When the U.S. is attacked, and it will be according to those who know, you should remember those who helped the enemy accomplish this act of war. Remember the senators who voted to open the door to illegal immigrants, and thus, opened the borders to the enemy. If you see these senators lying in the street suffering from the attack, spit in their faces.
When the biological attack comes, remember the news media and those reporters who helped the enemy by publishing and broadcasting anti-U.S. news, information that helped those who want to kill "The Great Satan." If you see Wolf Blitzer and any of the others at CNN lying on the street gasping for air, spit in their faces. If you see any of the anti-American reporters at NBC and MSNBC, shivering with foam oozing from their mouths, spit in their faces. If you see any reporters from The New York Times, The Washington Post, TIME or Newsweek crying in an alley, praying to God that their skin will stop burning, spit in their faces.
When the suit-case nuclear bomb explodes, and if you see people who did everything possible to discredit the war-on-terror, like traitors Richard Mellon Scaife and Rep. John Murtha, spit in their faces, while you watch them radiate to death.
When the deadly chemicals are released into the crops and water systems, and they are sprayed over cities and towns, remember CBS, ABC News, The History Channel, David Letterman, liberal professors at liberal colleges and PBS. If you see anyone who works for these places or the people themselves, while they are gagging, vomiting and shivering to death, spit in their faces.
Save your saliva. Those mentioned above will be the cause of the coming attack. And every one of them will be saying," Oh my God, how could this happen?"

Sunday, April 02, 2006


If 12 million illegal immigrants, who are breaking U.S. laws, are not prosecuted or deported--which is what Congress is going to do, why prosecuted any crimes, when millions of people are involved? Senators and President Bush, there are more than 12 million pot-smokers in the U.S. They are breaking the law. Why not stop arresting them, since there are millions ignoring the law?
This is how the political weasels are thinking. They want their political base to gain power, and since illegals have become a large voting-block, they are willing to ignore laws that the Congress made in order to get votes. These weasels like to say, "There are 12 million, what do you want us to do, arrest them and send them back?"
Hell, yes. Hey, President Bush, you are suppose to uphold this country's laws. Hey, Senators, uphold the laws that you created. If you don't, none of you--repeat--none of you have the right to come on TV and complain about anyone or any group breaking the law, because you are breaking the law. You are ignoring the law. If you let these 12 million go free, you are the criminals.
You will not have the right to complain about terrorists crossing the borders, because you will have opened the gates that will let all the anti-U.S. nuts in.
Criminals, that is what you will be, if you let these people continue to break the law; elected criminals, who will be thrown out of office.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Well, the paranoid liberals at Time Magazine and other news media organizations are freaked-out about the new terror-of-the-day--so-called global warming. Any scientist or academic who is backing this bullcrap should be kicked-out of scientific organizations of which they belong, because they are frauds.
Here is a news-flash global-warming nuts, including Al Gore--the earth is going to do whatever it wants, and pseudo-scientists who are paranoid about the earth getting warmer, can't do a damn thing about it. These people forget, and they shouldn't, that the earth is twirling through space, and scientific forces will occur, no matter what you think about them.
These global-warming nuts act like "people" are disturbing Nature; they act like Nature is the intruder. News Flash, global-warming nuts, homo sapiens are the intruders on this planet; plants, bugs, rocks and polar ice-caps were here millions of years, before the first paranoid liberals walked the earth.
The earth heats-up, then it cools down--remember learning about the ice age? The earth is going to shape or manipulate itself in whatever manner it decides is best, no matter what freaked-out, Gore-slave, global-warming nuts think should happen.
Watch these nuts. Listen to their stupidity. You'll get a good laugh. Have a beer, then go read a Sixth-Grade Geography book, which will explain how the earth works.
Little kids know more about the earth, than the nuts at CNN and Time Magazine.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


People who put Associated Press CEO Tom Curley in power are either stupid or blazing liberals. The AP is a private news organization used by newspapers and broadcast news organizations Since Curley "came to town," the AP has been on a witch hunt for President George Bush and any and all Republicans. Staffers at the AP have been getting into "hot-water" for their liberal, biased reporting. The Drudge Report once reported that newspaper editors across the nation complained about the Iraq-war coverage done by AP reporters. These editors were not all conservatives, either. These Iraq AP reporters put their opinions in the news articles, which is a no-no to any journalist, but CEO Curley does not know that or does not care.
It is not only Bush, the AP is an anti-death-penalty sounding board. Read the next AP article about a death-row inmate who is about to die or was executed. The AP writers always show more pity toward the murderer than the victim or the victim's family, who are usually mentioned in one sentence, minus the gruesome details of the murder. Oh yeah, instead of having "reporter" under the AP person's byline, there is "writer." AP writers. How quaint! It seems the AP prefers "writers" to reporters, so it can justify its biased news articles--writers do not have to know journalism like reporters.
If you don't know you are reading an AP article, just look at the person's name who wrote the article. Minorities are the main flavor of the AP, and TPJ is sure that CEO Curley is proud of the AP's racist hiring practices and news coverage. Curley is from the news media crowd that says, "We should have the perspective of a black person's view of the news." What makes a black person's perspective any better than a white's when covering a car accident shows how people at the AP are killing true journalism.
People running the AP are killing journalism. The whole AP organization is made-up of racists, liberals and fools. Enjoy you newspaper.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


So now news-consumers know who is behind the recent rise of male-homosexuality culture--the news media. Cable-news viewers were wondering why male CNN anchors and ABC News copy-readers were acting weird on-air--they were, and are, excited that Hollywood has "outed" the homo-man with its glorification of homo-cowboys. Too bad Peter Jennings died; we would have seen him signing-off with a sweetie-pie hand-kiss to his ABC News male viewers.
Since Walter-baby left CBS News many years ago, intelligent news consumers have wondered why male news-readers, who call themselves journalists, always acted weird when telling their audience about male news-makers. Watch CNN's Wolfie-boy, as he salivates, while talking about Hollywood male actors or male Democrats. We caught you, Wolfie-boy.
Some say Walter-baby was the King homo, or should we say, Queen homo? Old-man Walter-baby still stumbles onto the stages, where journalism awards are given. The pretty male reporters wet their pants to see a "legend" in front of them. No one has told these "journalists" that Walter-baby only read the news; he didn't write it, which is the least a journalist should do to be qualified as one.
So, watch, news consumers After the Academy Awards, you will see all the pretty little homo-reporters on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and FOX, trying to convince you that the homo-male's time has come--Hollywood said so at the awards.
Good-night sweetie male news homos.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Iraq terrorists gave a deadline for Jill Carroll, an American free-lance reporter. They want female detainees released. They are threatening to kill Jill Carroll, and all the news media are pleading with the U.S. government to help get her released.
Let's get this right. Carroll and her anti-U.S.-Iraq-war reporters have slammed the Bush administration for months; they have helped the enemy with their biased reporting; they have caused many U.S. troops--male and female--to be wounded or killed; and they are still pumping-out anti-U.S. propaganda, including exposing secret recordings. Now, the press wants the government to help.
The press tries to destroy this country, then one of their own gets caught in a mess she created, and the news media want the people who they hate to help.
Why can't these terrorists capture people from CNN or The New York Times or The Washington Post or ABC News? This country could use a couple of those anti-American reporters held as hostages.

Saturday, January 07, 2006



Various groups, whose members want to remain secret, have informed The Profound Journalist that "rewards" or "prices" are now being offered for anyone, who can physically or mentally harm staff writers, the executive editor and/or the publisher of The New York Times. The Profound Journalist can not verify if these "groups" are serious or are trying to frighten staffers at that newspaper.
These unnamed people are extremely angry at The New York Times, they say, because that paper has "placed about 300 million Americans in danger." They told TPJ that by printing the story about the National Security Agency allegedly eavesdropping on "domestic citizens," it purposely exposed national secrets that will help "our enemies, and they did it all for politics, because they hate Bush--they are risking all our children's lives, because they hate Bush."
According to these groups, the going rewards or prices, are:
1. $1,000 for punching, slapping or kicking a NYT journalist.
2. $5,000 for breaking the arms or smashing the hands of NYT reporters and writers, so they can't type for a long time.
3. $10,000 for knocking the teeth out of Executive Editor Bill Keller or Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr's mouths. Takers can double their money on this offer, they said.
Payment would be made through a complicated series of mailings, most of which concern Post Office Boxes, these people said.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


The Drudge Report did an excellent job exposing the biased, liberal people working at CNN, the place that offers news you can't trust. When the vice-president was giving a speech recently, CNN placed a huge X over his face. Later, a person called CNN to complain, and she was told that it was CNN's freedom of speech to X the vice-president, and expose his and George W's lies about the Iraq conflict.
Why haven't CBS, ABC, MSNBC, NBC and PBS investigated this journalism bullshit? This publication thinks it knows why--the liberal TV-news networks and cable-news outlets have been doing this for years--sending subliminal anti-Bush messages over-the-air, without viewers knowing it.
Why isn't the FCC investigating this? Is attempted brain-washing a crime? The FCC should look into CNN's past broadcasts, the ones that only producers see, and determine if there is a pattern. The Profound Journalist suspects that CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC an PBS have been doing anti-Bush subliminal messages for some time.
It is time for the Federal Communications commission to investigate.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Richard Mellon Scaife, conservative news media owner, is letting his editors push the propaganda of U.S. Rep. John P. Murtha on his newspapers' front pages. The Leader Times, a Scaife paper in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, has been publishing articles that read more like campaign rhetoric than news. These articles make Murtha into a hero, which he is not.
The fact is that many veterans in Murtha's Pennsylvania's 12th District despise the fat politician, who babbled in front to the news media that he wanted to cut-and-run in Iraq, and he wants the soldiers home.
Scaife, a republican, must be smoking wacky-tobaccy and sending love letters to Cindy Sheehan, for that is the only explanation to explain why he is supporting a traitor, John P. Murtha. Hundreds of thousands of military people think Murtha is a traitor, especially since he is a veteran and a former marine.
Scaife and his editors will lose this one in the long run, as will Murtha. Those cowardly words of Murtha, and the newspapers that pushed those traitorous ramblings will pay the price in the future, be it financially, politically or reputation-wise.

Friday, November 18, 2005


What CNN, ABC, CBS and the other liberal news media outlets will not tell the public, is that Congressman John P. Murtha has always opposed the Iraq war. These liberal news outlets have made it sound as if Murtha did something unique and new, when the anti-war Representative babbled in front of them about wanting the troops withdrawn, immediately.
From his 12th District in Pennsylvania, patriotic members of the local V.F.W., the American Legion, and at areas where former marines hang-out, Murtha's cowardice has shocked them. Even some members of the anti-war groups can't believe that Murtha would go that far.
The question has come-up that it might be necessary to remove Murtha's name from all the buildings and bridges, which people named after him, mistakingly thinking he was a good American.
Fat Murtha better ready himself for a anti-Murtha blitz. When that happens, do not expect the news media to cover it. CNN and ABC News are filled with anti-war reporters, who love the fact that U.S. military people are dying in Iraq. You can see Wolf Blitzer's glee, when he reports that another carbomb exploded, killing many people.
The Profound Journalist has no pity for Murtha, as to what will happens to him in the future, politically. He will eventually hide in a liberal hole, where all cowards go, and where the Wolf Blitzers love to see soldiers die in Iraq.

Friday, November 04, 2005


There are U.S. Congress members who smoke pot, get drunk, take pills--both legal and illegal, and get high on various other illegal substances. Nobody checks their blood. Members of Congress do not have to take drug tests, yet they are responsible for life and death decisions. It is time to force members of the House and Senate to take mandatory drug tests, and the results should be immediately made public.
The big sin here is that members of the press party with these legislators. Reporters, writers, editors, copy people, secretaries, news anchors--both network and local, and publishers regularly party with members of the U.S. Congress. That is why no one knows who is high or drunk, because the news media can't tell--they'd be ratting themselves out. Even C-SPAN's Brian Lamb knows who parties, but he won't tell or do a show on his network. Why? He joins in. He wines and dine, as do members of the Washington D. C. news media.
Then these "objective journalists" print and babble information that they think is news. The country is denied the truth, because news-media drug-heads and winos are making sure they can go to the next big party--they don't want to rat-out the drunks of Congress.
Drug test the U.S. Congress, now. Ask your member if he or she will take a drug test.
Bet you they are against it. Bet you The Washington Post and The Washington Times would be against it, as would CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, Newsweek, Time and other news media outlets.
It's time to hire private investigators to watch the above, and report the findings to U.S. workers, who are forced to piss in a jar to prove they do not use drugs.

Friday, October 28, 2005


For over a week, MSNBC's Chris Matthews has been reporting, speculating and bull-shitting about the CIA agent disclosure probe. His flaming liberal attitudes were finally exposed Friday, Oct. 28, after Lewis Libby was indicted.
"I wanted to see a case that's more political than legal," he moaned on his show, sad that more Bush administration officials were not indicted.
For a week, Matthews' hatred for President George Bush showed during his shows, which were about 90 percent about the probe. Other news organizations kept their journalistic heads together, and only extensively reported about the probe on Thursday, Oct. 27. But not MSNBC, which is the most anti-Bush, anti-American broadcast-news network available on cable.
To help in his attempted smear of the Bush administration, Matthews booked another liberal, Bush-hater on his show, Andrea Mitchell. Mitchell and Matthews are so biased, so anti-war, that they would flunk any journalism course at any respectable college.
But MSNBC does not care. This cable network has continued manipulating the news, just like the Nazis did before, during and after World War II. Smear, lie, insinuate; these are MSNBC hosts' journalistic procedures.
In The Profound Journalist's opinion, if Jesse Jackson walked into MSNBC studios and told Matthews and Mitchell to get on their knees and give him oral sex, Mitchell and Matthews would immediately be on their knees, mouths wide-open, waiting to satisfy their god, Jackson.
Maybe it's time to note all MSNBC advertisers, and warn them that a boycott is coming.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Accuracy in Media's Cliff Kincaid reported that conservative media mogul Robert Murdoch might support Democrat Hillary Clinton, when she runs for president. Murdoch owns the FOX News Channel and the New York Post. Loyal FOX News viewers better ready themselves for the shocking change. What Murdoch wants, Murdoch gets.
To test Kincaid's statement, one just has to watch the subtle changes on-going at FOX News. One just has to keep an eye on Bill O'Reilly, for he is the political barometer for FOX. Viewers can see O'Reilly slowly changing his political tilt, even though he likes to say he does not lean left or right. But TPJ does not believe him. TPJ truly suspects that O'Reilly is slowly turning Liberal, which is what his boss, Murdoch, would want.
O'Reilly has appeared on many talk-shows, whose hosts are liberals. He has been known to hang-with the Hollywood crowd. He is against the death penalty. TPJ wonders how he justifies that belief, when he rants and raves about child abuse and child murders? O'Reilly likes to book many black guests, people who obviously have anti-white, anti-Bush attitudes, like those of The New Black Panthers. He never argues with these anti-white guests; he lets them ramble-on. This alone should warn FOX viewers that a change is in the wind.
If you study FOX News, you will see Hollywood News creeping into its news-casts. Everyone knows Hollywood is Liberal and loves the Clintons, especially Bill, who was accused of raping women, besides enjoying Monica under the desk.
Watch for the Liberal tilt on FOX News. If you suspect it, then you know FOX News has joined with the Liberal news media.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Let New Orleans rot. This pimple of a city has caused the U.S. Government and its citizens tons of money and headaches, because of all the corruption from City Hall to its police force. The Bush administration should get scores of bulldozers and flatten the whole place. Then dirt should be spread all over and flowers planted. Of course, money should be spent to repair the ports and all things necessary to maintain them.
Murder, murder and more murder--that's all we heard from New Orleans, before sweet Katrina came to flatten it. Political corruption--police corruption--more murders--that's all we heard, before sweet Katrina kissed the slimy city. Residents should move on, and the cops should be forced to work in a city, where they will be watched for corruption.
Maybe, members of the Associated Press, whose racist reporters love Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and other reporters from CNN, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, should go down and help spread the shit over the remains of New Orleans, after it has been bulldozed.
Because of the above news media people--and The New Hitler Louis Farrakhan--crackheads, dopeheads, murderers, rapists, thieves, carjackers and plain 'ol criminals will be getting rich, because the above people made sure Uncle Sam will give away free money. In other words, people who have never owned houses, will be getting new ones, free of charge. And of course, corruption will follow the money, but don't expect the liberal news media to report that. They want all followers of The New Hitler Farrakhan to enrich themselves at the expense of "The White Man."

Friday, October 14, 2005


An Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) professor, who does not want his name known at this time, said he is researching his theory that modern men contribute to office body odors, because they do not wash behind their knees as frequently as women.
The professor said odors, much like ones that escape people's arm pits, also come from behind the knees. He said women shave their legs often, and this, along with the necessary leg bathing, removes behind-the-knee body odors. For some reason, he said, men do not wash behind their knees as much as they should, and thus, they leave-off offensive body odors, often smelled in cramped offices.
However, the professor said, this might not be all negative. He said that some women are subliminally attracted to "behind-the-knee male smells." This professor is investigating his theory that modern men have a new biological mechanism to attract women--back-knee odors.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Racist, anti-American leaders Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson are coming to Washington D.C. October 15, 2005, for the "Millions More Movement." All the big-time haters of white-people and the United States will be there. Farrakhan and Jackson have made a living by hating white people, white society and the United States.
The liberal news media will glorify this event, especially CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times and the NBC news network, which has been criticized as being a platform for the N.A.A.C.P. and blacks who hate white people.
Some racists at the event will include Benjamin Chavis Muhammad from the Hip Hop Action Network; writer Julianne Malveaux; Kanye West, the singer who blurted-out on a live NBC program that President George Bush does not care about blacks; and the Rev. Al Sharpton, who is one of the most anti-white black leaders in America. There will also be many Rappers there, bashing the United States, George Bush and white America. For example, on many websites announcing this event, you can read that "Hurricane Katrina was another example of U.S. racism."
Washington D.C. is over 70 percent black, and a majority of officers on its police force is black. When the Rappers smoke crack in their limos, before going on stage to espouse hatred, the cops will look the other way. There will be laws broken, but the black police force will let it happen without arrests. You won't read about the crimes committed at this event, because the liberal news media love blacks hating whites, because their editors, reporters, publishers and writers are racists. They believe that the "white man" is keeping blacks down, and anything blacks do, including murder (Remember O.J.?), is justified.
Jackson should be in jail. Many journalists, writers and TV commentators have shown that his financial empire, which he built on hate, is ripe for an I.R.S. investigation, which should include the F.B.I. But cowards who run these governmental offices let Jackson break financial laws, because they are afraid of Jackson's Black Troops, his followers.
So, watch this grand event of racism Oct. 15, and observe how the liberal news media reports it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


During 1996, by the Columbia River in Kennewick, Washington, an estimated 9,000-year-old skull and partial skeleton was found by two men watching a hydro-boat race. Scientists started studying it, made a cast of its parts, then area Indian groups decided they wanted Kennewick Man returned to them, so they could bury it (him).
The Kennewick Man has been in legal limbo, since. Scientists want to study the bones, because it could be "caucasoid," meaning a white person. This is important, because if Kennewick Man is really from Central Europe, as some scientists think, it means that today's American Indians were not the first people in America, which later became the United States. This means that these Indian tribes would not be able to suck-in billions of tax-free dollars from gambling casinos they own, because they claim to be the owners of the land that makes-up the U.S.
Kennewick Man's age has been estimated at between 8,400 and 9,400 years old. The Native American Protection & Repatriation Act passed in 1990 gives legal protection for Native Americans, so Indian human remains, burial goods and cultural objects can be returned to the tribes for burial. The Act, which was protested by scientists, gave these Indians the right to go into museums and take what they thought was remains or objects of their people.
Now, watch the liberal press report this. Watch the liberal scientists, who are many.
It could be that U.S. taxpayers have been giving free land and other social gifts to the Native Americans, who are not natives, at all.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Beware of polls, especially those shown on CNN. Remember, it is not the percentage of a poll that counts, it is the number of people questioned. CNN, like most other news organizations, seldom tell viewers the number of people polled. This is important.
If, for example, CNN only asked 4 people something, and three said they liked it, CNN can say that 75 percent of people polled liked something. But, CNN does not say that. CNN likes to say that 75 percent of the American public likes something. This is how the news media twists the news with polls.
When a CNN anchor says that a certain percentage of the American public believes something, it is a lie. In order for a percentage of the American public to believe something, about 296 million people, the population of the U.S., must be polled. That is never done, and it won't be, because it would be impossible. But CNN likes to lie, twist the truth, and manipulate the news, so viewers will believe something.
Polls are not scientific. News organizations say polling is "scientific," but it is not. To be scientific, one must be able to show the exact same results, over and over. Democratic polling organizations and Republican polling organization will get different answers for the same question--it is done all the time.
You must remember that CNN is a liberal news organization. When President Bill Clinton was in the White House, CNN gave Jesse Jackson his own show, "Both Sides With Jesse Jackson." But only one side was given--Jackson's. Besides that, the Rev. Jackson was a frequent visitor to the White House to give the president "spiritual advice." If that isn't a conflict of interest for CNN, journalism is dead. Oh yeah, Jackson even once booked himself as a guest for his own show. Yes, Jackson was a guest on "Both Sides With Jesse Jackson."
If this were World War II, Blitzer and his anti-war reporters and commentators would be shot for helping the enemy. It is not known how many U.S. soldiers have been killed, because of CNN's anti-war reporting, which the enemy, radical Islamics, use in their media.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Disgusting, rude, big-baby, egocentric and a fool are just some terms that describe I-Man Imus, who has a MSNBC televised radio show in the morning. Friends call him I-Man. The Profound Journalist believes the "I" stands for "idiot." Imus' enemies, and there are many who live in New York City, call him "Turtle Face, " because Imus' face resembles a turtle's ugly mug.
This article is not done to make fun of Imus. It is done, because Imus has called many people all types of derogatory names. He has yelled at people on-air, and he has rudely criticized President George Bush and his administration. Turtle-Face thinks he is God. He thinks he can do and say anything he wants, all because he has a network radio show. He has treated guests with disdain, and he has showed millions of viewers how childish he is, by screaming at his staff, on-air. Old Turtle-Face Imus wears a cowboy hat on-air. He brags about carrying a gun. He thinks he is "bad." Let's see if he has a sense of humor. Here are some Imus jokes:
Q: What vile, ugly animal does Imus resemble?
A: A liberal.

Q: What does Monica Lewinsky and Imus have in common?
A: They both suck.

Q: Why does Imus work for MSNBC?
A: He doesn't know any better.

Q: What qualities about Imus did his wife find alluring, before marriage?
A: His money--look at his face.

Q: Why does Imus wear a cowboy hat, while doing his show?
A: So viewers can't see the hole in his head.


It is The Profound Journalist's belief that sports should not be on the front page of a newspaper. A small box could be there, telling readers to see the sports page. But a whole lead story about baseball or golf on the front page is silly. If these editors are going to use sports stories on their front pages, why aren't bowling stories printed there? Why aren't results of chess matches there? The reason is editors belong to a world of punks and cheaters, that is, they love baseball and golf.
When golf was invented, it was a rugged game, played on rugged terrain. Players walked to the next hole, carrying their clubs. Now sissy players pay people to carry their club-bags, and they ride to the next hole on motorized vehicles. If golf were played as a "man's game," players would carry their clubs and walk to each hole. That would be sport. Tiger Woods could not play golf, as it should be played. He cheats, as do all golfers. They are punks; they are like little kids crying about not winning, while playing at the playground.
Speaking of little kids, baseball is a game made especially for childrens' mentalities. These "great" players even cheat at their own game. The object of a sports competition is to see who is the better team. The object is to win, fairly.
If a batter is too good, the opposing team's pitcher walks him. He won't let him hit the ball. Tell me that isn't childish. If baseball were played correctly, all batters would bat. None would be "walked." These childish baseball players, these punks, even have substitute runners and hitters.
"Daddy, my friend doesn't run fast, can we put my other friend on base?"

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Comments have been sent to TPJ, many of which stated that this publication was cruel.
The Profound Journalist exposes, ridicules and condemns those who help the enemy. This publication considers these people traitors, and they should be imprisoned or shot. You might be impressed with movie-star traitors and millionaire traitors, but TPJ hates these people, and others should, also.
News Flash! We are at war.
It amazes TPJ how many people do not understand the current situation, concerning the U.S. and those who want to kill us. REPEAT: There are many, many Islamic extremists in America and around the world, who are right now planning to kill you, your family and all those around you. Forget about your politics. Forget about Democrats and Republicans. The country is in danger. That is why TPJ backs President George Bush, even though TPJ disagrees with many of his policies. The Bush administration knows the danger, and it is fighting to stop the enemy, before the enemy attacks on the streets of your town. Remember 9-11. It can happen, anywhere, anytime.
The following is true; you can research it yourself, and it why TPJ hates movie-stars, entertainers and others who help the enemy by doing everything to hurt the president.
1. It does not take much anthrax to kill thousands of people. A shot-glass sized container can kill a whole city.
2. There are at least 20 suit-case nuclear bombs missing from Russia. Authorities know that they existed, but they don't know where they went.
3. Various biological micro-organisms can kill thousands, if released or placed in various areas or in food. Food supplies and water are vulnerable. It's been reported that some of these deadly organisms are missing from various labs across the U.S.
4. Not matter the security, determined people can overtake a passenger jet.
5. Hundreds of small bombs detonated simultaniously across the U.S. can kill thousands.
The above are just some items that the Bush administration is dealing with.
You can hate Bush, but don't do things that help the enemy. And don't condemn TPJ for exposing those who are helping the enemy. That enemy might possibly be planning to kill you.

Friday, September 16, 2005


David Letterman hates President George Bush, so he has made cruel, rude jokes about him and his administration. Not surprising, since Letterman is on CBS, the network that got caught broadcasting lies about President Bush, then was forced to admit it.
So, anti-American rhetoric spews weekly from Letterman. He has tried to display his support for the troops by visiting them in Iraq a few times. But in reality, his vicious attacks on the president help the enemy, and it endangers U.S. troops. An idiot like Letterman, who lives in the city that was attacked, does not know that--or does he?
Letterman works in New York City, where a majority of the population is anti-Bush. It is a liberal city, where sex, drugs and disease are acceptable, but fighting Islamic extremists, is not. Letterman knows this and books the most liberal, anti-Bush guests he can find, and he lets them mouth-off about anything anti-Bush and anything that shows that the U.S. is an evil country.
Equally-stupid Ted Turner was anti-American Letterman's latest guest. He was allowed to tell millions on TV-viewers total lies, and Letterman was pleased. An example of these two's stupidness is when Turner said that the Iraqi people were doing better before U.S. forces entered their country. He left-out that fact that Saddam killed tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children. He left-out the fact that Saddam's sons tortured thousands of people, and they owned a giant chipper, which was used to throw people into, where they were chopped to bloody, human bits.
And thus, The Profound Journalist asks: When is Letterman going to have another heart attack and die?
Soon, TPJ prays. It will do the country good.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Some members of the nation's largest veterans organization, The American Legion, are worried that a recently passed resolution might give other members the right to kill anti-war or anti-President Bush Legionaires.
Veteran Steve T. Kuser, of Indiana County, Pennsylvania, said that Resolution 3, which was passed at the national convention in Honolulu around August 23, might mean that those who oppose the Iraq conflict or President Bush's policies could be killed by other Legionaires with opposing views. He said Legionaires who side with anti-war mom, Cindy Sheehan, are taking a big risk, and that is not fair. Kuser said The American Legion should have members with all types of opinions.
The American Legion national commander, Thomas P. Cadmus, said in a press release from his organization:
"I assure you, The American Legion will stand against anyone and any group that would demoralize our troops, or worse, endanger their lives by encouraging terrorists to continue their cowardly attacks against freedom loving peoples."
Kuser said he and other Legion members think Cadmus' statement might give the impression that attacking or killing anti-war vets is acceptable, because pro-war vets would be "standing against anyone" who might demoralize the troops.
The American Legion August 23 press release's first sentence stated that that organization "vowed to use whatever means necessary to ensure the united support of the American people for our troops and the global war on terrorism...."
The press release stated that Legionaires condemn war protest and pledge support for the president and the troops.
Kuser said some Legionaires have called the leaders of The American Legion names, including "Nazis." He said the Legion is run by old veterans of World War II, who do not necessarily connect with younger vets.
The American Legion has 2.7 million members.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Billionaire news-media mogul Richard Mellon Scaife has become a traitor to his country, his political party and journalism, in the opinion of The Profound Journalist. Scaife has U.S. soldiers' blood on his hands, along with the news editors of his many newspapers.
Scaife's newspapers are a daily deluge of negative stories about the war on terror and the conflict in Iraq. His news editors use stories by the Associated Press, which is the most liberal, anti-President Bush news organization used by U.S. papers. The Drudge Report recently published a story about U.S. news editors complaining to the AP about its reporting on the conflict in Iraq. The AP identifies its people covering the conflict as being "writers," not reporters or journalists. That alone tells one that the stories are biased. Reporters and journalists know how to relate facts, without editorial comments. But AP writers like to shove their anti-war, anti-Bush attitudes into their stories, and Scaife knows this.
About 99 percent of the stories on Iraq in Scaife's papers are done by the AP. Sometimes his news editors use other anti-Bush news services like The New York Times or The Los Angeles Times.
So, Scaife is a traitor to his country, because he is aiding the enemy, by reporting negative information that helps their cause. Arab newspapers pick-up on these negative stories, and then re-print them, so the enemy can feel they are defeating "The Great Satan." And thus, Scaife is also a traitor to his political party, most of whose members support their president.
Scaife is responsible for many deaths of U.S. soldiers--there is no argument there. By reporting negative news about the war, which soldiers eventually read or learn about, Scaife
erodes moral, which can cause serious mistakes on the battle-ground.
"Why am I fighting, if no one cares?" many soldiers probably asked themselves, after reading one of Scaife's negative stories.
By using the AP, Scaife is also a traitor to journalism. His editors only use the AP, and those who know the newspaper business, know that the AP is a liberal, anti-war news service. How can Scaife "shine a light on the news," if he only uses a liberal news service?
To show your support of the troops, The Profound Journalist urges you not to buy or advertise in the following newspapers: the Greensburg Tribune-Review; the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; the Valley News Dispatch; the Leader Times; the Daily Courier; the Monessen Valley Independent; and the Blairsville Dispatch.

Friday, August 19, 2005


Pittsburgh has the worst news organizations in Pennsylvania, and probably the country. It does not matter if you get the news from a newspaper, which probably means the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, or from the four Pittsburgh TV-stations--they are all disgusting, if you are a quality-seeking news-consumer.
Recently, a water-line broke in the Pittsburgh business section, and TV-watchers
were saturated with "live" coverage of water flooding businesses and basements. Regular programming was stopped, so WTAE, WPXI and KDKA could show the world this very shocking and important event--water was flooding the streets. Viewers just tuning in could be forgiven for thinking that the President had been shot or another 9-11 happened, by the way these stations' reporters were acting.
For some reason, Pittsburgh has the worst people running the news media. It is quite common for new-watchers to learn there is "Breaking News," which almost always is either a minor car accident or a minor fire. Who are the news directors of WTAE, WPXI, KDKA and FOX 53? Do any of them have college degrees?
Recently, two men shot and killed a person in a Pittsburgh section of town, and the police were hunting for them; they were on the loose. The TV-news directors did not lead their broadcasts with that information, which the public should have been told for its safety. No, Pittsburgh TV- news people broadcast 5-minute stories about a new player for the Steelers, first.
Let's see, what is more important, news directors, sports or public safety? If you live in Pittsburgh, it's sports, the hell with the public's safety, you can almost hear them saying.
For readers of the news, it is no better. Although Richard Mellon Scaife's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is now available for readers, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is considered that city's paper, which most city-people buy. It is a liberal newspaper, but its publisher and editor-in-chief, John Robinson Block, likes to hint that it is objective, but it is not.
The PPG has the worst writers, and they are "writers," not reporters. Reporters know how to write a "lead sentence," which is the first sentence of news story that tells readers everything about that story in the first paragraph. The writers of the PPG think they are composing novels, and readers of that paper's news-articles will not learn the news, until about four paragraphs from the start.
But what do you expect from a newspaper run by "Blockheads." That is what members of the Block family are called by some of those who work in the news media. Blockheads were two characters on the "Gumby" children's show, who acted stupid and always got into trouble. Well, many news-media employees call John R. Block; PPG chairman Allan Block; and vice president and general manager, Diana Block--Blockheads. And it is a fitting comparison, considering the liberal mush that the PPG prints.
So, don't look to Pittsburgh for the news. Try cartoons, you'll learn more.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Now you hear reporting about the disgusting pay-grab done by the Commonwealth's legislators, who raised their paychecks by 16 percent to 34 percent during the wee-hours of a July 7 vote. The law-makers are now the second-highest paid in the U.S., making about $150,000 a year, counting fringe benefits. (Read Associated Press for more information.)
The blame for this mafia-like money-grab falls on the Press of Pennsylvania. From Pittsburgh to Center County to Harrisburg, all members of the news media let these slimy elected-officials get away with the pay-grab, because they were not doing their jobs. They were not watching the low-lives in Harrisburg. Why didn't they watch them? Because the so-called reporters, who work for Pennsylvania's news organizations, all treat the legislators and the governor like royalty. None of them have the journalistic balls to ask hard questions or do a little work and investigate the law-makers.
Broadcast and print so-called journalists only report about the governor and his legislative buddies when they are handing-out cash for projects, making political statements or dedicating various sites. Not true? Name a newspaper or TV-station that has invested time and money to investigate all, or even 10, Pennsylvania's legislators. There are none.
Why should the news media watch and investigate the Harrisburg scum, who make the laws? Simple, anyone who knows Pennsylvania's history, also knows that Harrisburg law-makers are, and have been, the most corrupt, money-spending, tax-hiking legislators in U.S. history.
If TPJ had the funds, like the wealthy news media of Pennsylvania do, it would take only two weeks to find about 30 corrupt legislators and do 30 eye-opening stories about them. We in Pennsylvania have cowards working and running the Press in Pennsylvania. Editors and publishers constantly socialize with the corrupt legislators, and deals are commonly made that benefit these elites. But, news-consumers and tax-payers are left out in the cold.
So, now we hear about the slime that has been bubbled to the top. Now, we hear about the creepy jerks who fattened their purses and wallets. Where were these stories before July 7?
Here's some news for the cowards who work for Pennsylvania's Press. Watch and see if any one has the journalistic integrity to investigate what TPJ is about to reveal: Gov. Ed Rendell should be investigated for having ties with the Philadelphia mafia. He was pivotal in have big-time gambling come to Pennsylvania. Who do you think will reap the rewards of this?

Friday, August 12, 2005


The Profound Journalist is proud to announce the "Bitch Of The Summer" award. After much debating and arguing, TPJ staff agreed the winner is: Cindy Sheehan, a 48-year-old woman, who has grabbed the attention of the liberal press for camping near President George Bush's ranch at Crawford, Texas, and demanding to meet him, so the president can tell her why her son had to die fighting in Iraq.
About one year ago, Bitch Sheehan got the rare opportunity to meet with President Bush, who comforted her. She met the press not long after, and she said the president was concerned with the war and her loss. Now, since meeting and getting money from anti-war, liberal groups, Sheehan is saying Bush does not care about Iraqi-war losses. Besides being a liar, Sheehan has become a babbling bitch, yelling about the U.S. policies in Iraq and other air-headed mush, which the liberal press spews-out across the universe.
Sheehan's brave son, who is a hero in millions of American's eyes, is probably rolling in his grave, cursing his mother's antics. He was brave. Cindy Sheehan is a fool.
The California liberal connection, which includes the network-news divisions of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and of course CBS, have found a symbol for their hatred of George Bush--it is the bitch, Sheehan, who lives in California.
At first, Sheehan was a grieving mother. Now, she has become an anti-war activist. She also has become The Profound Journalist's "Bitch Of The Summer."


History shows that it is likely that the Democrats will win the next presidential election, but as for Congressional seats, it is unknown. However, The Profound Journalist will show what will happen, if Democrats take the House, Senate and get one of their own in the Oval Office.
1. The Far Left will go Hog-Wild for revenge. This means many things, including having Hollywood-types placed into important governmental positions. Oprah, Moore, Stewart and others will be given power to spend tax-money on the Far Left's special projects.
2. Taxes will increase. This is the first thing Democrats do, when they get into office--raise taxes. This, of course, means that any tax-cuts that the Bush Administration had in place will be taken away.
3. Much of these taxes will go for "Reparations." The Far Left is Hell-Bent on giving Blacks in the United States money for free. They call it reparations. If Bill Clinton could have been president for four more years, taxes-payers would now be contributing to a fund that would give each Black American at least $1 million. Remember, Clinton liked to call himself the "first black president."
4. A flag with the continent of Africa will be flown under the Stars-and-Stripes over the White House. This flag-flying situation will be the result of a deal made in Congress with the liberals. Its purpose will be to show Black Americans how sorry white Americans are for participating in slavery during the early years of America.
5. Cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco and snuff will be outlawed. The looney-left will have enough votes in Congress to do this. Tobacco under-ground markets will spring-up.
6. The "War On Terror" will be forgotten. Senators like Kennedy will declare that the U.S. must improve its image to the World, and thus; security measures will become lax, and the Partriot Act will become obsolete.
7. The Military Budget will be dramatically cut. Any over-seas troops will be ordered home. Money for the military will be funneled to federal programs made to "help the environment."
8. Oil drilling and refining will be slowed almost to a stop, because environmentalists will fear for the lives of micro-organisms living near these sites.
9. Laws will be passed to rid the country of the gasoline engine. Battery-powered cars, trucks and SUVs will be driven by all motorists.
10. Federal funds will be denied to colleges and universities that do not teach liberal-thought. Conservative-thought will only be allowed with elective-courses.
This is just 10. Maybe later, The Profound Journalist will list more.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Watch the liberals crawl-out of the journalistic woodwork to attend Peter Jennings' funeral. Jennings' death was announced tonight, and you can tell which networks are playing the violin strings for his passing.
Let's tell it like it is. Jennings was a Canadian, who anchored ABC News for many years. He only became a U.S. citizen during 2003. ABC News, the liberal network, let a Canadian bring news to U.S. news consumers. Jennings' liberal attitude, his hatred for the current Bush administration and his anti-war beliefs peppered his news coverage, and ABC News loved it. Here was a Canadian, until 2003, who was allowed to "color" the news, as he saw it. There is no way to know how many U.S. soldiers died, because of his anti-war news coverage. There is no way to know how many innocent people were killed, because those who hated the U.S. heard news from Jennings that bolstered their beliefs.
Jennings' liberal news-friends will call him a journalist, but he was only a news-reader. He read copy written for him, and he made sure those words matched his liberal, anti-war views. Sometimes, news-consumers could not tell if Jennings and ABC News worked in the U.S. or for a Arab news-outlet. Sometimes, ABC News viewers could see Jennings' contempt for the current Bush administration. Sometimes, news-watchers could not tell if Jennings was anti-U.S.--he was a Canadian and Canada has a negative attitude toward the United States.
So, watch who comes to Jennings' funeral. You will see big-shot libs from all over the country, crying, sobbing, and probably, blaming George Bush for Jennings' death.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


The Profound Journalist will write in a way, so the cowards of Al Qaeda can understand.
Muhammad, the founder of Islam, is a false prophet. Allah is not great. Osama bin Laden and Al Jajeera Ayman al-Zawahiri, the second in command, wear long dresses like women, who Al Qaeda members kill along with innocent children. Only cowards kill innocent women and children; and thus, al-Zawahiri and bin Laden, plus Al Qaeda members, are cowards.
Al Qaeda members, al-Zawahiri and bin Laden have no souls, so they will never rest in the other world. They are like dogs. They worship dogs. They eat dogs' excrement. They will die 1000 deaths for the evils they have unleashed on the world.
For every innocent person killed by Al Qaeda, a mosque must be destroyed. The Great Mosque at Mecca, where the Kaaba is situated, must be blown to bits by U.S. cruise missiles. What will you do, Al Qaeda, when Mecca is gone? What will you do, al-Zawahiri, when the Black Stone is shattered into dust? Where will you go, bin Laden, when the world's armies hunt you down, like the rabid beast you are?
Al Qaeda fights like cowards. Its members hide like timid rabbits. Al Qaeda has no earthly purpose. Old women have more bravery, than men of Al Qaeda.
Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri act like homosexuals. They sleep in the same tent, praising the false prophet, Muhammad, and stroke each others' shaggy, bug-infested beards. How many men have you kissed, Osama? How many male legs have you rubbed, al-Zawahiri?
Al Qaeda's time is almost up. Be prepared,Osama and al-Zawahiri.

Sunday, July 31, 2005


Billionaire Oprah Winfrey likes to give her audience members gifts, like cars, but she seems to not care too much that African babies are starving in Niger. Like all liberals, Oprah shoots-off her mouth about how America does not care for blacks, and so it, meaning whites, is letting millions starve.
News Flash, Oprah, you are a billionaire! For those who don't know, a billion dollars is one-thousand, one million. In other words, if there were such a thing as a "million-dollar-bill," Oprah would have 1000 of them.
So, when you see liberal news, like on CNN, that shows starving blacks in Niger, remember that sweet, black Oprah can give them a ton of money, food and other supplies. But she won't. She is too Hollywood. She sleeps among the rich, letting her people--black Americans--suffer from poverty in the ghettos, backstreets and under over-passes.
Oprah could get in contact with some of her millionaire friends, and together, they could fix the Niger problem. After all, she has many fans--her show is beamed in 111 countries, and Oprah has about 22 million hard-core viewers and fans.
So, eat another muffin, Oprah. Go charge another dress on your account. Go rest in your air-conditioned room, Oprah. Forget that millions of babies are starving in Niger.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


CBS got discredited and criticized, after their news division used bad journalism in an attempt to hurt President George Bush with fake records concerning his National Guard service. Still licking its wounds, CBS won't give up trying to push its liberal agenda. The CBS "big shots" found an easy, simple way to get their propaganda out--they bought The History Channel.
Programs on The History Channel were politically neutral. Now, CBS has gone over old documentaries and inserted liberal commentators for various programs on history. The CBS "Libs" at The History Channel edited-in liberal blacks, liberal authors, liberal historians and various types of liberal advocates into programs about history. If you taped a program before CBS bought the channel, and if you watch it now, you can see how they have distorted historical facts into liberal causes.
Programs about the U.S. fighting Indians now have liberal commentators edited into the show, so he or she can explain how "evil" the white government was--and still is--and how they were victims, and continue to be. And "Old Hickory," Andrew Jackson, is called "paranoid," a "Napoleon," and portrayed as uncontrollable in one of The History Channel's documentaries.
The "Libs" of Hollywood made sure CBS would support them. Now, The History Channel shows "movies" about history, almost all of which are not true, because of made-up dialogues, made-up scenes, etc. It won't surprise The Profound Journalist to one day see a documentary on that channel that shows how President George Washington was really black.
Once, The History Channel showed good documentaries. Now, the ones that were good are not shown, or they have been edited to show "the other point of view." How long will viewers let this happen?
Remember, some of these programs are shown in schools across the U.S. And some are taped, so students can "study" them.

Friday, July 01, 2005


The radical Muslims in Iraq continue to kill innocent people, including many brave U.S. soldiers. It's time to quit playing games. The U.S. leaders should tell the radical Muslims:
If one more U.S. soldier dies because of any of your cowardly attacks, a cruise missile will be launched at Mecca, and your holy Kaaba will be blown to bits. If you continue to kill, then one mosque will be destroyed for every person you kill.
Believers in Islam are called Muslims, which means in Arabic--those who surrender.
If these cowards, these rag-wearing punks who surrender, continue to kill in the name of Allah, then the U.S. should literally wipe-out any and all holy shrines of those who practice evil in a god's name.
The Kaaba is a large square-shaped shrine in Mecca, and these fools believe that their holy city is the most sacred spot on earth. Well, if they want it to continue to be sacred, the coward radical Muslims who kill the innocent in Iraq, should surrender, which is what their name means. If not, then the U.S. should start destroying these murderers' holy shrines, including their Kaaba.